Good and bad people

  • Sometimes I wonder whether or not its worth it anymore. Then somebody makes it worth it. Life will always be worth it in the end. Love until you cant love anymore. Kill people with kindness, not hate. Why bully people? To make them want to take their own life? Don't hate people, apprieicate what they have done for you even if its negitive. All the good and bad people have effected your life in one way or another. Be happy for that.


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You are beautiful just the way you are. I can completely relate to not feeling comfortable without makeup, I am the same exact way! But you need not to worry because you are gorgeous. I know it was hard to post this, I have had the same experiences, but I took a step and did it at school ( scared me to death ). All I can say is thank you for letting the world see a beautiful face, we needed it.